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When the belly of an animal suddenly seems to blow up like a balloon, and the animal has trouble walking – often groans in pain – it is said to have contracted bloat. This happens very often with sudden changes in feed such as at the onset of rains when a lot of fresh new grass is suddenly available. Many animals can bloat at the same time, so when the rains start it is good to have remedies nearby such as cooking oil or detergent such as OMO or similar.

Feeding half a bottle of cooking oil to an adult cow is usually sufficient for it to make a full recovery within half an hour if caught in time. If no cooking oil is available people have also been successful treating with a handful of OMO on a bottle of water.  However if too much time passes and the animal no longer is standing the only hope is to cut a hole in the stomach on the left side where the swelling is at its highest point. For proper instructions please link to nutritional problems.

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